Hello Sindy,
We found that you posted photo of Doll with our items, it is highly appreciated!!! And thanks for your effort and support!!
We are building new section called "Snap Shot" in our Website: RubyRedGalleria।com, and would like to post your photo in it, could we make use of your photo?
We will quote the source and link to your Flickr album site as acknowledgment!!Looking forward to hearing from you soon।Rubyinfo@rubyredgalleria.com


我承認收到這封信 我有點驕傲和虛榮...
其實 也不是需要放大的事件
單純就是採購了RUBY家的鞋 而我PO圖讓官網發現 想引用我的圖.
是呀! 就是...被利用*
不過 當自己的照片出現在官網 然後...
看到自己名--- Sindy
重要的是有秀出來自---- TAIWAN
這時來自TAIWAN的sindy的心情是有點小小喜悅的 ...
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